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Alfalfa Chlorophyll Extract


Alfalfa is synonymous with life, as it contains one of the highest concentrations of chlorophyll. Its properties are obtained through its roots since they are introduced more than 9 meters deep and in this way, they reach any reserve of nutrients.

During the photosynthesis process, plants absorb energy from the sun and vitamins and minerals from the soil, concentrating everything in a super food called chlorophyll, which is the blood of plants.

Presentation: Bottle with dropper cap 120ml.

P.V.P.R: 22,12€

Price €23.23

Amargo sueco 700 ml

Maria Treben's original formula is a bitter plant elixir made with Manna, Rhubarb root, Cedoaria root, Angelica root, etc.

Since ancient times, the benefits of bitter flavours have been known and used to maintain the proper functioning of our body.

P.V.P.R 700ml: €49,50

P.V.P.R 200ml: €24,00

Price €51.98

ANUBHI (50ml)

Ointment made with concentrated extract of Tepezcohuite and Urea.

The blend of these ingredients accelerates skin recovery.

Tepezcohuite is known as the Mayan tree of skin for its great regenerative and nourishing properties.

Does not contain parabens.

Topical use.

Presentation: 50ml.

P.V.P.R: 15,50€

Price €15.89

Canary seed Extract

Improve your sleep quality and you will maintain an excellent mood and feel relaxed.

Canaryseed extract will help you remove fluid retention from your body by toning your figure.

Presentation: Bottle counts drops of 50ml.

P.V.P.R: 18,10€

Price €19.00

Cognitive Plus

Extraordinary formula based on fish oil (DHA and EPA), hemp and poppy extract. Made to improve cognitive functions.

Presented in hard pearls.

Net weight: 67.50gr.

Presented: Jar with 90 capsules.

P.V.P: 35,00€

Price €36.75


Moisturizing facial cream made with Tepezcohuite and royal jelly.

It integrates the excellent properties of its components, providing great hydration and nutrition to the skin, achieving greater penetration of the product, thus favouring its nutritional and regenerating efficiency, providing a fresh and youthful appearance.

Does not contain parabens

Presentation: 50ml.

P.V.P.R: 19,65€

Price €20.13


Echinacea and Propolis invigorate immune system.

Propolis among its main components contains pollen and flavonoids, both excellent to increase the defences of our bodies and strengthen the immune system.

Presentation: Dropper bottle 50ml.

P.V.P.R: 13,90€

Price €13.90

Espirumax Z

Expirumax Z is a food supplement based on Zinc and Spirulina algae. Zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, macronutrients and fatty acids. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and protects cells against oxidative damage. 

Net Weight: 240g.

Pack size: 300 tablets.

P.V.P.R: 34,90€

Price €36.65

hair lotion Tepezcohuite

This product regenerates and strengthens the scalp. Prevents hair loss and provides a silkier and healthier appearance. The high content of tepezcohuite extract gives it the ability to prevent the breakdown of substances due to its antioxidant function, achieving a strong, healthy and clean hair.

Does not contain parabens.

Presentation: 250ml.

P.V.P.R: 23,20€

Price €23.20

Kalanchoe Extract

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you feel tired?

A better quality of life will be provided by Kalanchoe increasing your defenses, keeping your head in top shape and thus improving your concentration, as well as developing optimal sleep quality

Presentation: Bottle counting drops.

P.V.P.R 50 ml: €25,90

P.V.P.R 30 ml: €17,70

Price €26.55

Parsley Extract

Feeling tired and fatigued? Need to cleanse your body of toxins?

Parsley Extract will help you with that and much more. In addition, you will lose weight and eliminate liquids naturally. It contains vitamins C, K, calcium and iron (twice more than in spinach).

Presentation: Bottle counts drops of 50ml.

P.V.P.R: 19,70€.

Price €20.69


Ointment with a high concentration of Tepezcohuite and Aloe Vera enriched with vitamin A (helps to achieve a smooth and soft skin) and vitamin E (helps to blur scars, eliminate small pimples and blemishes). All these compounds in synergy maximize hydrating and regenerating characteristics, in addition to protecting against free radicals.

Presentation:  50ml.

P.V.P.R: 17,60€

Price €18.04