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Espirumax Z
  • Espirumax Z

Espirumax Z

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Expirumax Z is a food supplement based on Zinc and Spirulina algae. Zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, macronutrients and fatty acids. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and protects cells against oxidative damage. 

Net Weight: 240g.

Pack size: 300 tablets.

P.V.P.R: 34,90€


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Ideal for deficiency states and for athletes.

High protein content and high Zinc content.

Spirulina algae is high in vitamin B12.


It is recommended to take 6 tablets a day distributed over breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Amount contributed per daily dose: 3600 mg Spirulina, 1800 mg proteins, 10 mg Zinc (100% NRV). NRV: Reference value for nutrients.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

It is recommended not to exceed the recommended dose.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Spirulina Algae with Zinc, essential nutrients that promote the acid-base balance of the organism. It regenerates tissues and accelerates healing in wounds, burns, surgical interventions and sports injuries. It maintains at normal levels the functioning and morphology of the prostate gland, influencing the normal development of the sexual organs, nervous system and bones. It facilitates the proper functioning of the endocrine system. It contributes to the good condition of the skin, hair and nails.It is an excellent enhancer of the immune system, so it is indicated in cases of weakness of this system, both in children and adults. Spirulina’s high level of protein and vitamin B12 make it an essential source of vegan or vegetarian food.


  • Nervous System.
  • Regenerate tissues (wounds, burns, trauma, injuries or surgical interventions).
  • Hormonal or endocrine system.
  • Anemia.
  • Lack of Energy.
  • Depression, nervous and mental functions, memory loss or mental activity.
  • Arthrosis and symptoms associated with aging.
  • Slimming regimens.
  • Diabetics, the intake of spirulina and zinc significantly improves insulin functions and glucose metabolism.
  • Anorexia, bulimia or lack of control in food or alcohol intake.
  • Stages of growth.
  • Weakness in hair, nails or skin problems (acne, eczema).


Spirulina Platensis, loading agent (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate) zinc sulphate.


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