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When a person is in good health, looks at the world from another perspective. Everything seems to have more light and color. Thoughts are clearer and emotions more stable.

That's it our main intention from Lumen. May you stay in that physical, mental and emotional state for a long time.

Our company It arose as a result of the passion for natural and alternative therapies and the interest in offering its clients new opportunities for integral healing. That is why Lumen is at the forefront of its sector.

The search of new ways to achieve the natural well-being of people has led us to investigate and delve into plants and trees native to the most remote places. Plants that ancient shamans and sages used since ancient times.

This is the case, for example, of Tepezcohuite or "the tree of life" originally from Mexico. This wonderful tree was already used by the Mayan culture and, since then, its qualities have transformed the skin and complexion of thousands of people.

A tree that has such beneficial properties for the human being and so proven since ancient times that today it is used by the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetology as a powerful cell regenerator.

At Lumen, we discovered its benefits years ago and Today we continue to develop and sell our TEPEZCOHUITE line .

And from one side of the planet to the other, Always in search of ancient healing plants, we investigate the native plants of China and the studies carried out on them since ancient times. This is how Fitorient line, made with original Chinese extracts and that, according to their traditions, act on the different energy imbalances of living beings.

All our dedication is put into it, to which we have dubbed " the traditional herbal medicine of the future ", combining in perfect harmony, tradition and innovation.

And what about ALPISTE EXTRACT, a seed full of life and one of the most nutritious and powerful on earth, yet little known so far in the field of natural health. The energetic frequency of our extract is backed by its exquisite elaboration, carefully carried out so that it can maintain the full potential of the active principles of its component. A personal experience ingesting this wonderful seed and feeling its effects.

And to finish talking about our products more relevant, we mention the Kalanchoe a unique product in Spain, manufactured and distributed by us and from biodynamic and ecological agriculture.


Patience, research, innovation, adventure, health, new challenges ... magic words and usual for us.

We explore for the best plant extracts available cultivated in different countries of the world, in exuberant places and sumptuous paradises of vegetation where thousands of species of trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs have their origin.

From all these species Lumen holistic products get the components and raw materials that make our catalog an exquisite compendium of living treasures. This purity they give off is an essential part of their quality, texture and effectiveness, reaching all aspects of being.


From our beginnings, we have tried to be a company with future vision. A company that produces products that act at all levels of being, not only in the physical body; That it helps in raising awareness and that it can contribute its bit in the integral development of people.

We hope that everyone who tries our products, not only eat them, but also experience the fact of feeling and enjoying that conjunction between a top quality raw material and a careful and exquisite preparation.

Discover with us all the advantages that natural products offer to maintain health optimal and enjoy a new way of living healthy and vital.

New products will soon see the light of which we will provide information. We will keep you updated.

If you want, you can leave us a comment or question. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Lumen Productos Holísticos, S.L.

C/ Federico García Lorca, 148
Elche, Alicante

Teléfonos: 966.660.726 / 622.812.545

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