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We are experiencing a situation in which we must pay even more attention to our health and the proper functioning of our body. It is not a matter of starting to worry, but of just taking care of it.

These days, in most cases, the hours we spend outdoors, the time we spend sitting, our food and of course our uncertainty about the future have changed. All of this is going to affect our body, but what if we decide to take advantage of everything in our power to take advantage of it?

We are going to give you some advice and explain why.

As we all know, oxygen enters the lungs when we breathe and it is the blood that is responsible for carrying it throughout the body and maintaining energy levels. On the other hand, the nutrients in the food we eat are unable to provide energy until they are combined with the oxygen in the body's cells. Therefore, it is not only necessary to oxygenate ourselves to maintain optimal energy, it is also necessary to assimilate what we eat.

Chlorophyll is the plant pigment present in all plants responsible for photosynthesis (transforming light into oxygen). Its chemical structure is very similar to that of hemoglobin, which is why it helps in cellular oxygenation and provides energy and vigor.

They recommend its use in anemia, asthenia (we are already in spring), poisonings, and a long etc.

In the words of Dr. H. E. Kirschener “Chlorophyll is healing and powerful. Devastating with germs and viruses but gentle with diseased tissues and organs of the body ”.

Chlorophyll has many beneficial properties for our body, but we will summarize them by citing one of the articles in the health and medicine magazine Discovery Salud “Chlorophyll has innumerable beneficial properties for humans. And is that once absorbed by the blood through the lymphatic system, this green pigment of plants - whose structure, by the way, is very similar to our hemoglobin - activates cellular metabolism, detoxifies the body, improves defenses, resistance and regenerative capacity of cells as well as their respiration, enhances natural healing processes, stimulates the formation of red blood cells, helps to heal wounds, purify the blood, stop infections, balance the acid-base ratio and prevent cancer, among numerous other properties ”. For all these benefits, experts also call it "green blood."

The nutritionist Claude Gélineau recommends that we eat green vegetables, raw, well disinfected and as organic as possible in order to benefit from all the properties we have mentioned.

Chlorophyll is present in all the plants we eat, but which ones have the highest concentration? It is easy to know, the darker the green of a plant, the greater amounts of chlorophyll it contains. Even so, we leave you a list of the most recommended vegetables.

Swiss chard, alfalfa, algae like chlorella and spirulina, celery, watercress, broccoli, lamb's lettuce, green cereals (wheat and barley), cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green asparagus, spinach, sprouts (any sprouted seeds) , peas, green beans, lettuce, turnips, cucumber, parsley, bell pepper, and radishes.

Another way to obtain it is through food supplementation, this is a very fast and effective way, as we make sure we are taking a correct and high quality dose for the proper functioning of our body.

For this we recommend alfalfa chlorophyll drops and spirulina alga tablets.

It is also currently very beneficial, if not mandatory, to exercise, even if they are of low impact or in short periods of time (according to our capacity), they help our body to mobilize and oxygenate and also, it keeps our mind much more positive and focused on what is important, the present.

We would like to add that now that the atmosphere is much cleaner and less polluted, it is the perfect time to simply take a deep breath and take a deep breath to move on.

Cheer up!

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