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Amargo sueco 700 ml
  • Amargo sueco 700 ml

Amargo sueco 700 ml

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Maria Treben's original formula is a bitter plant elixir made with Manna, Rhubarb root, Cedoaria root, Angelica root, etc.

Since ancient times, the benefits of bitter flavours have been known and used to maintain the proper functioning of our body.

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Tones up digestive system.

Eliminates toxins.

Apply on damaged or darkened skin (spots).

Improves the appearance of scars.

Apply a damp compress over forehead to clear your head.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children.


The Swedish Bitter is a plant elixir with multiple therapeutic applications. Its formula was refined in the eighteenth century by Dr Samst, a Swedish doctor, from "a long-lived elixir" that had been used since the Middle Ages by numerous doctors, since three decades it is gaining renewed importance in various European countries.

Bitter substances, in general, stimulate the liver. Among other functions, the liver neutralizes toxins, including heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides in food and drinking water, as well as synthetic medicines. The liver is the great metabolic laboratory of our body.

Internal use: dyspepsia (digestive disorders), relieving both rheumatic pain, tiredness, reluctance and despondency. For allergies and in the general purification of the organism, we recommend a cure of eight to ten weeks, twice a year. Excellent remedy for blood purification.

External use: treat well localized inflammations by applying it with a cotton in insect bites; vesicles in case of fever on the lips or purulent pimples on the skin (dirty skin or acne) also disappear after a day. Varicella vesicles harden much faster when Swedish Bitter is applied to them. To combat tonsillitis, inflammation of the throat and aphonia, and the compress on the inflamed ear serves to fight otitis. Against the headache you should lie down for fifteen minutes and put a compress with Swedish Bitter on the forehead or if the pain is felt more in the back of the skull, in the nape of the neck. For rheumatic joint pain.

Recommended in children take 2/4 per year of the child.


• Breathing them out repeatedly through the nose, rubbing them with the neck and applying compresses to the head, soothe pain and dizziness, strengthen the memory and the brain.

• They help against the cloudy sight, remove the blondeness and all the pains, even if the eyes are inflamed and entelados. They fight clouds and waterfalls by dipping the angles of the eyes in time or by applying compresses to the closed eyes.

• Against toothache one tablespoon (dessert) of these drops is dissolved in a little water and left in the sore or infected area. The pain calms and the infection is cured. (This application can be repeated up to three times a day if necessary).

• Blisters or other tongue conditions are quickly cured by spraying with herbs.

• When the throat is irritated or sore in such a way that it is almost impossible to swallow the drink or food, they are taken in the morning, at noon and at night, a 25 drops and allowed to pass slowly through the throat; this calms the irritation and heals the throat. 

• Against stomach cramp takes a tablespoon (dessert).

• In cases of colic, three tablespoons (dessert) are slowly taken, one after the other, and the pain will soon be relieved.

• They dissolve the flatulences and refresh the liver: they remove the ailments of the stomach and belly and help against constipation. 15 drops dissolved in water before meals and 25 after.

• They are an excellent remedy for the stomach, when it digests badly and refuses food, 25 drops dissolved in water or infusion after meals. 

• They also soothe bile pains. Taking one tablespoon each day (for dessert) in the morning and another in the evening and applying during the night compresses soaked with herbs, all the pains disappear in a short time.

• Against the dropsy it is taken for six weeks, each day, in the morning and in the evening one tablespoon (dessert) of the drops with white wine.

• Pain and ringing of ears are combated by putting a few drops into the ears.

• Taken in the last days of pregnancy one tablespoon of the Swedish Herbs in the morning and another in the evening, the delivery is facilitated.

• They cure the internal hemorrhoids, wetting them from the beginning repeatedly with the herbs and taking a tablespoon (dessert) of the herbs before sleeping internally to soften them. A soaked cotton is allowed to act to promote the circulation of blood and remove the stinging.

• If in a woman there are no rules or have them too abundant you should take the herbs for sixty days in a row. This will balance your menstruation. Three tablespoons (dessert) before meals.

•This remedy helps against white flow. One tablespoon (dessert) dissolved in water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Whoever has epilepsy has to take the herbs instantly and must follow the treatment exclusively with this preparation since they restore the nerves of the whole organism and cure all ills. One tablespoon (dessert) dissolved in water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• If you have a high fever or chills and are weakened, take a spoonful (for dessert). The patient, provided that he has not loaded his body with other medicines, will recover and the pulse will normalize even if the fever has been very high. The intake may be repeated up to three times a day before meals, although feverish patients should "not eat" or "eat" very light food.

• Herbs also cure cancer, ancient smallpox, warts and cracked hands. The old, purulent ulcers with fleshy excrescences are washed well with white wine and covered with a cloth soaked with Swedish Herbs. These remove swelling and pain as well as fleshy excrescence and the wound begins to heal.

• They heal without risk all kinds of wounds, whether closed or open, by wetting them repeatedly with herbs. A canvas is taken, soaked with the preparation and the wounds are covered with it. The pain calms soon and no infections can occur.

• They make disappear all kinds of scars, stigmas and cuts, even if they are very old, wetting them at least forty times with them. All wounds healed with Swedish herbs leave no scars.

• They radically cure fistulas, even if they are considered incurable; it doesn’t matter if they are old or not, soaking them with Swedish herbs in the morning and evening and taking a daily tablespoon (dessert) dissolved in water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• They cure all the burns and scalds by soaking them continuously with them, no blisters will be produced and the pain will be soothed. They cure purulent blisters.

• They help to cure bruises and bumps caused by bumps and falls. Applying a cloth soaked with Swedish herbs.

•To those who eat unwillingly it restores their appetite. A tablespoon (dessert) dissolved before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• They return the colors of the face to the anemic if every morning they take the drops for a prolonged period. They clean the blood, encourage its production and circulation. A teaspoon (dessert) dissolved in water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• They soothe rheumatic pains in the limbs, taking them internally and applying soaked cloths to the painful parts. A teaspoon (dessert) dissolved in water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• They cure the frostbites in the hands and feet, even if they have burst. Soaked compresses should be applied continuously, especially during the night.

• The calluses (chicken eyes) are covered with a little soaked stopper that keeps it always moist. After three days they release themselves or are easily removed without pain.

•If you can’t sleep at night, take them before bed. A compress soaked with herbs is applied to the heart against the nervous sleepiness. One tablespoon (dessert) dissolved in water or melting before bedtime.

• Two tablespoons (for dessert) of the Swedish Herbs will sober up the drunk.

• Those who take every day in the morning and at night Swedish herbs do not need any other medicine because they strengthen the whole organism, they refresh the nerves and blood, they remove the tremor of the hands and feet, that is, they eliminate all diseases.

The body remains elastic and the face youthful and beautiful.


Herbal orujo: Manna, aloe, rhubarb root, sen, cedoaria root, angelica root, angelica carlina root, camphor, saffron, theriac, cimicífuga, valeriana, turmeric, cinnamon branch and myrrh. Vol./Alc 40%.


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